Welsh Consultations

Home education: statutory guidance for local authorities and handbook for home educators

On 29 July 2019, the Welsh Government launched a twelve week consultation seeking views on draft statutory guidance to help local authorities identify children not at school and to ensure they are receiving a suitable education. The consultation closes on Monday 21 October.

Please note: You do not have to be a resident of Wales to respond to this consultation.

Official webpage

On-line Response Form

Please note: an initial reading suggests that the on-line form is fully replicated in the “response form” file also available on the main page. This is welcome because respondents are unlikely to find any “surprises” when they attempt to complete the on-line form – unlike some English consultations.

The following documents were published as part of the consultation:

N.B. The final item outlines the WAG’s plans for three ‘Table Talk’ Regional Workshops organised by “Cazbah and Markit” – these seem to be two separate companies Cazbah and probably IHS Markit. The sessions are planned to take place on the mornings of 11 Oct. Cardiff, 18 Oct. Llandudno & 21 Oct. Swansea. Parents thinking of attending with their children should note that the parent and children’s sessions are planned to run in parallel, and no details of exact arrangements are provided in the above invitation.

Recently the HE Byte team were forwarded a copy of an email from the WAG which provides more details about these sessions. A copy of that email is available here.

Whilst this clarification is appreciated, the team at the HE Byte continue to encourage parents to think carefully before placing unaccompanied younger children in the children’s sessions.

We suggest reading the Consultation document first, followed by the Response form, as this should help potential respondents to identify the issues which are and importantly are not covered by the response form.

We also recommend reading the full length draft guidance for LAs and the parents’ handbook before the easy read versions. The latter are heavily abbreviated versions and consequently do not fully represent the objectives behind the proposed changes.

It should also be noted that the easy read versions are designed for people with disabilities and not for children. At the end of both there are forms which can be completed in a PDF reader and then saved for emailing back to the Welsh Government.

Documents by the HE Byte Team:

Alternative formats of the response form – aware that not everyone has a later version of MS Word, we have converted the downloadable response form into alternative formats:

  • .doc file – older versions of MS Word
  • .odt file – open document format used by free applications such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice
  • .rtf file – an older format which can be opened by most word processing applications including MS WordPad

A sample response:

We are very pleased to make available this draft submission prepared by someone with a working knowledge of human rights legislation. They offered it to us with the intention that we shared it with our readers.

We remind readers that in responding to this consultation they should not seek to copy and paste the answers given into their own reply. Identical responses are usually dismissed as part of a “campaign”. Instead, please use your own words to express any of the points in this document which you agree with.

Bytes commenting on this consultation: