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With the many challenges facing home educators, it is important to stay updated and informed on issues that concern us all. The HE Byte team is a group of parents of older and adult children who are passionate about the freedom of parents to fulfil their responsibility as the primary nurturers and educators of their children without undue interference from the State.

We recognise that this freedom is increasingly under threat. We also know that parents busy exercising their responsibilities often do not have the time or head space to keep up with news and events around elective home education [EHE], and they can feel overwhelmed by the flood of articles and documents being released at this time.

The HE Byte will therefore post short articles summarising recent news and events relating to EHE, trying to draw out the most important aspects and suggesting ways that readers might take appropriate action. The HE Byte welcomes contributions, but reserves the right to edit prior to publishing.

The views expressed in individual Bytes are not necessarily those of the entire HE Byte Team, particularly so when articles have been contributed by guest authors. The HE Byte does not seek to represent or promote the views of any particular group, but exists simply to inform.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy when quoting sources of material but if readers spot factual inaccuracies, the Team would be glad to hear from you.

All articles published on The HE Byte are copyright of the individual author. No article may be re-published without the permission of the author. Fair usage is of course permitted if an article is being quoted but this site must be attributed. Please use our Contact Form to request permission to reproduce any individual Byte.