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Elective home education guidance review [2023]

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English Consultations

If you are motivated to complain about the way this consultation was conducted we have written a guide to help you to do so.
Guide to complaining to MPs about the Oct 23 – Jan 24 Consultation on draft EHE Guidance for LAs and parents

At the same time as we published the above item, we also published a Byte about the recent Opposition Day Debate which contains some suggestions on how to tailor your letter so that it raises relevant questions for members of either of the two main parties:

Documents published in connection with this consultation by the DfE – 26 October 2023

This consultation closes on 18 January. The Byte team and others have sought to provide insights into the complex issues raised by the draft guidance. Lists of helpful articles and videos follow.


Bytes commenting on the draft guidance


Links to individual videos in the above playlist: most are between five and ten minutes in length unless stated.Videos 1 to 3 were produced shortly after the consultation was publishedVideos 4 to 17 provide more specific help with responding, 18 is a Q&A session, 19 & 20 are to help people to get started.
1: What is it about? Why is it important to respond?2: Gearing Up to Respond3: Hidden (and not-so-hidden) Agendas
4: Multiple Choice Questions – Some Considerations5: In the name of “safeguarding6: Escalating informal enquiries to formal enquiries
7: What is meant by “non-statutory guidance”?8: Case Studies in the Draft Guidance9: Case Studies Contd. (crossing legal boundaries)
10: Statutory duty of LA’s vs Draft Guidance wording11: Who will be worst affected?12: Access to your home and your child
13: The home as an educational setting?14: The Undermining of Parental Duties15: Evidence creation/failure to use existing powers
16: Third Party Reports17: Annual contact/evidence of progress/privacy18: Zoom Q&A 3 January 2024 [80 minutes]
19: Getting Started20: Five Ways to respond to the Consultation

Ed Yourself | Fiona Nicholson

Media Articles

The consultations below are now closed

This page is a archive of materials relevant to past English consultations relevant to Elective Home Education. These are:

On 2 April 2019, the Department for Education published its response to the previous year’s Call for Evidence on EHE and revised Guidance. This was accompanied by a further consultation on Children Not in School. The response to that consultation took longer than it should have done and then was delayed for around two years due to the chaos caused in the education system by the response to Covid-19. The response was finally published on 3 February 2022.

Below are links to the relevant documents and other resources.

(Note: Information on previous consultations are listed below.)

Children not in school [2019]

Closing date: 24 June 2019

Official web page

Documents published in response to this consultation by the DfE – 3 February 2022

Byte concerning the response to the consultation:

The following documents were published as part of the consultation:

Bytes concerning the original consultation:

PDF Documents by the HE Byte Team:

Elective home education: call for evidence 2018 response

Official web page

Elective home education: call for evidence 2018 response [PDF]

The following documents were published alongside the above.

They are listed on the following page:

Elective home education – GOV.UK [Revised Guidance]

Bytes commenting on the response to the 2018 consultation, the new guidance and the 2019 Children Not in School consultation:


Home Education – Call for Evidence and revised DfE guidance [2018]

Official web page

Closing date: 2 July 2018


PDF Documents by the HE Byte Team:

Integrated Communities Strategy green paper [2018]

Official web page

Closing date: 5 June 2018

Our initial comment: Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper & EHE (Byte, 14 Mar)