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Petitions Committee Debate Survey

We recently published an article about the Petitions Committee debate which is taking place on the 27 March. This note is a supplement to that post.

On Tuesday 7 March, signatories to the two petitions which have triggered this debate received an email inviting them to complete a survey.

If you received one or more such emails we encourage you to respond; please don’t ignore it.

Here is a unique opportunity to provide politicians with feedback on your experiences of home educating, and inform them of your concerns about registration and monitoring.

It should be noted that this questionnaire has only been sent to those who signed one or both petitions. This should ensure that only those opposed to registers of HE children are able to respond. This is therefore a rare opportunity to register the voice of home educators. The hope of maintaining that exclusivity is the reason we are not including a public link to the survey here. However, if you have HE friends who would like to participate, we see no reason why you should not share the link with them privately.

There are three separate web pages to the survey with a total of 21 questions. The majority are radio button/check box style answers, but there are a few free text boxes. If you would like to see the questions first, we have created a PDF version. (Note: If in response to the first question you select to answer as “An interested individual” you will only be asked these five questions.)

Finally, a reminder that the closing date for responses is Monday 13 March at 10am, please don’t miss it.