House Style Guidance

Download this style sheet as a printable PDF file


  • submit your article preferably as a Word document, otherwise in Rich Text Format, but never as a PDF
  • only use italics sparingly, for emphasis
  • do not bold any text – this will be done by the editor


  • do not italicise
  • use double inverted commas


  • double inverted commas for all speech and quotations
  • single inverted commas only within a phrase using “

 Bullet points

  • use a colon at the end of the text introducing the bullet points
  • keep points short and concise
  • use lowercase at the beginning of the point and do not use a full stop at the end
  • only use sentence punctuation where each point is a full sentence


  • spell out numbers from 0 to 9. Write numbers in words from ten onwards
  • use numerals for measurements (12 km) and ages (10 years old)
  • use numerals for percentages in the text but spell out “per cent” (24 per cent)


  • 6 March 2018
  • do not abbreviate months


Department for Education (DfE)
home education, EHE (when elective), HE (when not elective) or home ed
local authorities (LAs)
local authority (LA)
Lord (followed by name)
noble Lord
Peer (meaning a Peer of the realm, as distinct from peer = colleague)
Private Members’ Bill
Secretary of State for Education
Under-Secretary of State for Education