Guidelines for Contributors

Thank you for considering a contribution (known as a Byte) to this website. There are a few simple guidelines which will help you to write a Byte which is consistent with those already published. Articles are produced by a regular team of writers, but contributions from others are always very welcome. Information about local issues is of particular interest, as it helps everyone to understand what is going on in the EHE world beyond their own context.

Download these guidelines as a printable PDF file

Download the style sheet as a printable PDF file


There are 3 sections to each Byte:

  • What’s been said?
  • Why does it matter?
  • What can I do?

The target length is a maximum of 700 words – this is because home educators are busy people who need to be able to assimilate key information in a straightforward way – but we also realise that sometimes there is a little more to be said! Equally authors are encouraged to use fewer words when the opportunity presents itself.


Articles must be relevant to the wider EHE community, making people aware of issues as they develop. Well-written Bytes inform and provide a measure of analysis. They are not opinion pieces. The Byte Team retains editorial control and reserves the right not to publish any material which is likely to be offensive to others.


We provide a house style sheet which helps with consistency of presentation. Please be aware of it when writing for us, but also please don’t let it put you off – our editors are familiar with the house style and will make any amendments necessary if you don’t have the time to edit in detail. Minor amendments such as clarification of meaning, punctuation and house styling will be made by the editorial team without further reference. Where meaning is unclear, or where the text can be enhanced by an editor, you will be contacted to discuss any amendments.


Please be aware that articles are published anonymously. This is to protect all our writers from adverse personal comments or feedback, particularly on social media. You are welcome to identify yourself as the writer of a particular Byte, but the team cannot be responsible for any feedback which you receive as a result.


All Bytes are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any form without prior permission – work that is publicly accessible on the internet is not in the public domain. Any text which is quoted elsewhere must be attributed to this site.

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