House of Commons Briefing Paper on Home Education in England

House of Commons Briefing Paper on Home Education in England

What’s been said?

The House of Commons Library published a Briefing Paper on Home Education in England on 13 February 2018. The summary is available here and the full report may also be downloaded.

This briefing provides information on home education in England and outlines current and past proposals for reform. It also notes issues raised with regards to home education and briefly summarises the relevant sections of selected reports. Education is a devolved issue; the briefing covers the position in England only. It is primarily an informative document, not providing opinion or commentary on its contents.

Why does it matter?

Briefing papers “offer an independent summary of facts on subjects of interest, particularly legislation proceeding through Parliament.” MPs refer to them for background information and in preparation for debates.

A document like this is useful for those in the home education community in that it provides updated information on the current legal position of home education in the UK, and the historical and recent parliamentary conversations on the topic.

What can I do?

Read the document to understand the backdrop to Lord Soley’s attempts to get his Home Education Bill through Parliament. You can sign up on the Parliament website to receive regular updates on the progress of the Home Education Bill.