PlusNet Email Problems

Resolved – we hope.

The problem below started around 22 June 2018 and continued until some time shorty before 4 September 2018, when once again our email updates started being delivered to PlusNet addresses. We have no idea why the original problem occurred nor why or how it was resolved, but we are grateful it has been.

We will leave this page here for a while in case there is a return to the previous problems.

We hope they will!

Important information for PlusNet customers:

Since the middle of June we have been having problems with messages not being delivered to those with PlusNet email addresses (or their sub-domains).

We have tried speaking to their Customer Services, but they are unable to help unless one of their customers contacts them. Of course we cannot email you to ask you to raise it with them.

The problem appears to be that for some reason they are flagging all our messages, regular emails and “new Byte” notifications as spam. What is even more frustrating is that we have tried to email individuals from alternative accounts, including one provided by Microsoft Outlook. All have been rejected as possible spam.

We would really like to get to the bottom of this problem, so we are appealing for any PlusNet customers who also have an email address with an alternative provider to get in touch with us if they are willing to help us resolve this issue.

We will then send you all the information we have to forward to PlusNet Customer Services along with your “complaint”.

Until we are able to resolve this problem, if you are a PlusNet customer, please accept our apologies.